Your Weekly Web3 Recap

GM & Happy Saturday Moxies! Spring has sprung, and the Moxie energy continues to bloom with it. We have some exciting things on the horizon for you all so stay tuned! Enjoy this weeks rundown:

Here’s Your Weekly Recap:

Hot Tip: Set aside 10 min a day to jump in! Even if it’s just scrolling through your newly web3-filled social feeds.

1 Action Point

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day & the Moxie fam is so grateful for all of the incredible mother figures in our lives. Celebrate the moms in your life by gifting them a special edition Cool Mom Tee... we know they'll love it!

One of the main concerns people have is security- how can we be sure that the contents of our wallet are safe & that we won’t be scammed? Be aware of fake accounts, watch out for phishing attempts, and keep your passwords safe (and to yourself!) and get yourself a Ledger hardware wallet.

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Moxie Moments

This week MOCG community member, Rosewolf, spoke at NFT Tallinn! She spoke alongside other artists about NFTs in art and collectibles. We’re so proud.

Good Reads This Week

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